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Upcoming Corporate Events

Youngevity’s corporate events are an incredible way to receive training and motivation. Events are also one of the top ways you can build your team. At each of our events, your prospects and distributors will be inspired by corporate leaders, product experts and top income earners.

PH Welcomes Pres/CFO Dave Briskie

Youngevity Philippines Welcomes President and CFO DAVE BRISKIE

  Let’s kick off the year right with a high-energy boost from Youngevity executives, leadership and special guest speakers! Learn exactly what you need to do to jump-start your business, body and mindset in 2017! Three convenient locations across the country; all happening simultaneously! Ready to join the fun? Register now for this two day event for only $50.00!

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  This year we’ll be celebrating Youngevity’s 20th Year Anniversary and you’ll want to be there for the all the excitement and festivities. We’re bringing you brand new entertainment and team building activities, invaluable training sessions, exciting new product launches and a new face to recognition; we’re going BIG for our 20th Year Celebration! Ya’ll won’t want to miss it!
See the Leaderboard for the upcoming 2017 Top Achievers Club Dream Vacation! See the Leaderboard

Looking for a meeting near you? Use the meeting locator to see what meetings are happening in an area near you. Distributors who are SEMD rank can also submit their own local meetings to be added. Please note that all meetings listed in the meeting locator are considered “open” for all distributors to bring their prospects to.

If you are hosting your own meeting, you can use one of these flyers to invite people to your event:

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The purchaser voluntarily initiates the PRE-ORDER with full understanding that product delivery is subject to availability but no more that 90 days from date of PRE-ORDER. Therefore, Youngevity Philippines shall fulfill and deliver the products or or before the 90-day commitment

The purchaser, agrees that this act of prepayment is voluntary and of his/her own free will. The purchaser also agrees to release Youngevity Philippines and its employees and its agents from any liability as a result of this PRE-ORDER arrangement.

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