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Executive Management Team

Steve Wallach, Chief Executive Officer

With nearly two decades of sales and network marketing experience, CEO Steve Wallach has successfully guided Youngevity from a domestic seller to a worldwide marketer of products and services that support a healthy and empowered lifestyle. Steve shares the passion of his father, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, for the public’s access to complete and accurate health information. He is a frequent talk radio program guest and speaks eloquently about the company’s mission to place information into the hands of consumers, allowing them to make informed healthcare decisions. His business philosophy reflects his strong belief that passion should be the driving force behind any organization. In addition to passion, Steve believes that flexibility and efficiency are key elements along the road to success. Having assembled a dynamic, talented and experienced management team, as well as solid infrastructure, Steve has positioned the company for steady growth both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Michelle Wallach, Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Wallach brings nearly 20 years of experience in network marketing sales and management to Youngevity. Her career in network marketing began in 1991 in Portland, Oregon, where she developed a successful nutritional health products distributorship. She later moved to San Diego with the vision of expanding her business by capitalizing on the growing health and nutrition industry. In 1996, in Chula Vista, California, the Wallach family launched Youngevity. As COO Michelle is involved in the day-to-day challenges of running a corporation while ensuring the company remains viable in fulfilling its mission of improving lifestyles through vibrant health and flourishing economics.

Dave Briskie, President and CFO

As CEO of Javalution Coffee Company, Dave Briskie shepherded the company’s development into a fully-vertical coffee roasting and distribution company. Under his leadership, Javalution became the owner of the direct marketing brand JavaFit and the retail brand Café La Rica, as well as the category creator of functional gourmet coffee. Prior to joining Javalution in 2007, he was CEO of Drew Pearson Marketing, Inc., (DPM) a designer and manufacturer of licensed, private label and fashion headwear whose clients were FORTUNE 500 companies including: Disney, Warner Bros., Anheuser Busch and General Motors as well as the NFL, the NBA, MLB, the NHL and various major universities. In 2001, he oversaw the merger of DPM and its key manufacturer as well as the subsequent initial public offering of the merged company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Briskie is a recipient of the coveted Paul DeLorenzo scholar-athlete award and in 1983, he graduated magna cum laude from Fordham University with a double major in marketing and finance.

Jonnie Taylor, Senior Executive VP of Customer Service

As the leader of Youngevity’s Customer Service Team, Jonnie has a key role in assuring our distributors have the support they need to grow a successful independent business. She and her staff regularly advise Youngevity’s distributors on goal setting, motivation, downline management, streamlined order processing and implementing incentive programs to ensure productivity. As a former distributor, Jonnie has a deep understanding of the challenges of business-building from a distributor perspective. Her invaluable insight and business-building skills have been central to the effectiveness of Youngevity’s customer relations and development.

Raffy Lorentzian, VP, Corporate Controller

As Youngevity’s Corporate Controller, Raffy Lorentzian is responsible for managing the financial reporting and operations of Youngevity’s U.S. and Global Operations. Raffy is committed to maintaining the high level of integrity and transparency for which Youngevity is known. Prior to joining Youngevity, Raffy was the Chief Financial Officer of National Technical Systems; a publicly traded company. He started there as Controller in 1997, and with his strong SEC reporting experience, leadership skills and successful accomplishments in mergers and acquisitions, Raffy was promoted to CFO in 2007. His continued efforts contributed to the Company’s rapid growth and increased shareholder value, which eventually led to the successful sale of the Company to a Private Equity Firm. During his career, Raffy has held various controller and financial management positions with publicly held companies. Raffy has extensive experience in strategic planning, profit-and-loss leadership, ERP conversions and mergers and acquisitions. When Raffy joined Youngevity in March of 2013, he was instrumental in the successful transition of the Company from a privately held company to a publicly traded company providing timely and accurate financial reporting. He is also involved in the Company’s global expansion, acquisitions and IT initiatives. Raffy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Bentley University.

Wiley Hurt, VP of Global Operations / Senior Project Manager

Since 1997, Wiley has been involved in nearly every aspect of the growth and development of Youngevity. From designing and managing the construction at corporate headquarters to setting up the technology systems of many Youngevity offices, even globally, to international project management, Wiley is a dynamic asset to the company. He has played an extensive role in setting up Youngevity’s first overseas Distribution Center in New Zealand/Australia and is now working closely with Latin American and Russian offices to support distribution in these regions. As Youngevity continues to experience extraordinary growth, Wiley is now serving as our Vice President of Global Operations. He is committed to the pursuit of spreading Dr. Wallach’s message around the world.

Sandy Horwitz, VP of Distribution/Logistics

With a background in dancing, martial arts, Pilates and other areas of fitness, Sandy started her career at Youngevity with the aim of offering a professional fitness center as a part of the Youngevity opportunity. She was able to travel, set up and train distributors on how to run a successful fitness center during the inception of Youngevity. However, soon after, the opportunity to run the distribution center and logistics became available and Sandy, with over 15 prior years of management experience, became the Distribution Manager for Youngevity. 12 years later, she now oversees 6 teams of over 70 employees that handle all distribution and logistics for Youngevity; both domestically and internationally. Sandy and her team are a major driving force for Youngevity, handling every order received small and large, incoming and outgoing; ensuring that Youngevity continues to grow and serve individuals around the globe.


Sanjeev Javia, Scientific & Athletic Advisory Board

Sanjeev has multiple roles at Youngevity stemming from product development and formulation to working to building out the marketing strategy in their international markets. He has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bio Psychology degree from the University of Michigan. Formulating nutrition products for over 15 years, he’s developed entire lines of supplement products from sports performance to various disease management states. His specialty and research emphasis focuses on nutrition and exercise interventions in diabetes/obesity, auto-immune diseases, neurological issues, and post chemotherapy recovery. His client list includes some of the top professional athletes in the world, SuperBowl MVP’s, Stanley Cup Champions, World Series Hall of Famers, and Olympic Medalist. Sanjeev is the founder/CEO of Javia Wellness Group and is a board member or partner in various health related organizations such as SpeedFlex Training Systems, Like A Pro Inc, SuperFlex Fitness, DermSpectra Imaging, and Splash Beverage Group. His focus at Youngevity is to further reinforce the incredible health philosophy of 90 For Life and support the overall mission of solving today’s health concerns through high quality supplementation.


Alex Theis, VP of Field Relations & Training

Alex Theis comes to Youngevity with extensive experience having worked in almost every area of the industry. His experience includes directing large customer service teams, developing sales initiatives, international management, commissions, IT/web, compliance, events, and distributor relations. He has worked extensively with million-dollar earners, becoming an advocate for tools, communication, and training. Additionally, Alex has become a passionate spokesperson for the Distributor Force. He’s spent an extensive amount of time speaking and training in North America, Asia, and Australia, and working with distributors in those areas, as well as, Europe and Central America. He has played a pivotal role in helping companies develop growth, improve communication, and increase employee and customer retention. Alex now brings his passion for relationship building and development to Youngevity, where he will work hand-in-hand with distributors and continue to develop the already solid network.

Sean Brown, Director of Special Programs

As the Co-Founder of Mialisia™ Jewelry, Sean Brown possesses the progressive qualities needed to create and manage Youngevity’s special programs. Having previously worked as a Bank Executive for HSBC and Bank of America, two of the country’s leading financial institutions, Sean also brings over 15 years of business strategies and sales experience. He has extensive experience leading large sales organizations and developing special programs and incentives for leading industries. Sean designed, built and is currently heading the Social Selling Program for Youngevity and as the company continues to grow, he will continue to develop necessary programs and help support new acquisitions and developments.

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